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Training & Communication Executive

We are seeking a Training & Communication Executive to assist the relevant department in managing the trainings and employer branding for our HR department. The candidate will report to HR Ops Manager and will perform training co-ordination tasks in addition to tasks related to content management and employer branding. Responsibilities include: 

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Jumeirahh Human Resources Full Time
Software Engineer

Company’s expanding range of abilities is apparent by its rapidly increasing portfolio and the company is looking to deliver its progressive vision more intensely than ever before. In line with this vision there is significant reliance on the supporting departments, which includes the IT department. The IT department ensures excellence in the functionality of all Information technology systems across the company, with the IT Engineer as part of this team. The job holder supports the IT and communications facility globally across Company and must have the ability to communicate this information clearly and concisely; even to those of a limited IT background. 

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Jumeirahh Web Development Full Time
Senior PHP/Laravel Developer Developing world class PHP code with Laravel work workframe. 06/09/2020 View Apply Save
India Web Development Full Time